DIY has never been more doable.


Inhuman Records is a Brooklyn based art collective bringing together fresh creators of all mediums. We are currently working on a comprehensive campaign with content creation company, Spot On.

Founder, Ryan Chernin, first started IR as a means of managing and distributing his own content. however, surrounded by talented friends and artists, it didn't take long to see the countless, invaluable opportunities to collaborate.

It just makes more sense to work together, to help each other bring to life the seemingly unachievable products of our imaginations.

Art is at once profoundly human and frustratingly surreal. It's the great intangible, made material. It's our our way of wearing absurdity and truth as armor, to face our daily dragons. Above all, it's how we express and communicate. Sure, art doesn't always make sense; but it lets us access something beyond plain existence, and that's humanity.